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Inside of subway car
Bentech specializes in mass transportation applications through various lines of products such as handrails, transit fittings, and more. Over time we have developed a core family of companies that provides us the capability to engineer and manufacture exactly what the customer desires. 


Our company offers a wide range of services to compliment our manufacturing capacities.

Let Bentech manage your next project from big to small we do it all!

Barrier Stanchion cup PV-4-F-B-SF

Aluminum Castings

  • Full Foundry capabilities 

  • Custom Sand Cast products

  • Multiple Alloys available

  • Rapid Prototyping Capabilities

  • Short to long run quantities

Fittings With Welds


  • GTAW

  • ASME Section IX Qualifications

  • Aluminum, Stainless Steel, Steel and virtually all alloys

Handels that were polished to look nice


  • OD Polishing Mirror to 180 grit

  • Passivation

  • Fluidized Bed Nylon
    Powder Coating

  • Polyester Spray
    Powder Coating 

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