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Bentech has developed innovative and cost effective designs for the manufacture of Modesty Panels and Windscreens.

Through the use of specialized extrusions and bending processes a variety of materials can be included in these products including:

  • Plexiglas,

  • perforated metal,

  • Textured metal,

  • micarta,

  • composite materials many others.

The Modesty Panels and Windscreens can be attached to Stanchion Systems using our

  • PV-Series

  • RJ-Series 

  • TL-series of tube and rail fittings

Widescreen Assembly

Windscreens can be assembled using:

  • Clear Safety Glass

  • Wood Grain Panel

  • Perforated Sheet Metal

  • Textured Sheet Metal

  • &  many other options.


Both Polished + Anodized and Powder Coated Finishes are offered:

  • TH-Series Extrusions

  • RJ-Series

  • PV-Series Tube Fittings.

 Windscreens are assembled using Bentech TH-25 and TH-15 Aluminum Extrusions. The TH-25 can be Bent to Form Different Customer Specified Windscreen Designs. The RJ-75 Elbow Fitting is used to connect the RJ-15 Wall Extrusion with the TH-25 Bent Extrusions.

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