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Interiors & Components 

Drivers Barriers & Doors 

Modesty Panels & Windscreens 


Bus Interiors 

Our bus interiors are meticulously manufactured to provide comfort, safety, and functionality to passengers.

The inside of a bus that we worked on

Modesty Panels & Windscreens

Modesty panels and windscreens are integral components of public transportation design.

Modesty panels:

discreetly positioned below seats, ensure passenger comfort and respect cultural sensitivities by providing privacy and shielding lower legs from view. They promote inclusivity by accommodating diverse preferences.


essential safety features, protecting passengers from debris, wind, and weather conditions while maintaining clear visibility

Drivers Doors & Barriers

Driver barriers, also known as driver partitions or shields, are essential safety features in vehicles like buses and trains. These transparent barriers, are made of strong materials like polycarbonate, create a protective barrier between the driver's compartment and the passenger area.

Driver barriers do not only act as a physical barrier but also:

  • serve as a psychological deterrent,

  • promoting a more secure environment for both drivers and passengers. 

  • maintain the driver's focus on the road and driving tasks, contributing to overall road safety.

KCTA_GILLIG Bus_Door swings 180 deg (002).jpg
KCTA_GILLIG Bus_Door swings 180 deg (002).jpg
Door Handrails using Bentech TL-20 oval flanges_tackwelded 005.jpg



Handrails are strategically placed for stability during movement. Our handrails can be custom designed to fit into any bus or train interior 

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